Wait-a-While Eco Retreat

Rainforest meets Reef

Discover the Daintree Rainforest & the Great Barrier Reef


Experience the majestic beauty of Far North Queensland and make Wait-a-While your go-to base! Join a guided tour through the captivating Daintree Rainforest, reconnect with unique indigenous culture at Mossman Gorge, or take an unforgettable adventure out on the Great Barrier Reef. When you need some relaxation after all that exploration there are restaurants and golf courses to explore – not to mention great fishing spots (as if being surrounded by nature wasn’t enough!). So step off into this grand journey unlike any other today.

Suggest Itinerary – we recommend at least 7 days

Day1 – Journey from Cairns. Take your time, even go the long way via Karunda and Baron Falls

Day2 – Explore the forest. Start at the Daintree Discovery Centre, various boardwalks and tracks

Day3 – Do a croc tour, visit Cape Tribulation, ride the zipline then enjoy an ice cream on the way back.

Day 4 – Take some time out.  A game of Golf, some fly fishing at the Barra Farm.  Enjoy lunch at Thortons Beach or the Daintree Village Hotel.

Day 5 – visit Mossman Gorge – do a cultural tour, raft down the river

Day 6 – Visit the reef. Either a full day tour from Port Douglas or a half day from Cape tribulation

Day 7 – Time to return to civilisation

Visit the Daintree in style

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Wait-a-While Eco Retreat your base to explore the Daintree Rain Forest, the Great Barrier Reef and the Culture of Far North Queensland, while taking some time to detox from the rigors of modern life.