Wait-A-While Eco Retreat


Mobile Phone Reception

Nestled away in one of Australia’s most untouched regions, cellular reception isn’t an option here – so it really is time to unplug. But don’t worry if there’s something urgent that can’t wait – WIFI calling will help keep you digitally connected with what matters back home.


At Wait-a-While Eco Retreat you can stay connected and enjoy nature! Unwind with free unlimited high speed WIFI while marveling at the stars. Enjoy being in touch with others without compromising on peace & tranquility of the forest air!

Can I swim at the Beach

With ocean waters inhabited by stingers in season and saltwater crocs a permanent fixture, you may want to rethink that beach dip. But fear not – our magnesium swimming pool is the perfect substitute for an aquatic adventure – minus any unintentional lunch dates with Mr Croc!

What are the Seasons

Kaba is the wet season, from late December to March

Kabakababa is the winter rain season, from April to May

Buluriji is cold season, from June to September

Wungariji is hot season, from October to November

Jarramali is the stormy season, from late November to the middle of December

Do I need a 4WD

No – a normal car is suitable.

The road is sealed as far as Cape Tribulation and Wait-a-While has an all weather gravel driveway.   During periods of very heavy rain in the wet season parts of the road may become closed due to flooding. 

Where is the nearest Supermarket

North of the Daintree Ferry there are a couple of well stocked local stores and a service station.  The closest supermarket is a Woolworths located in Mossman.

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